The New North Difference

Our Treatment Approach 

People of all ages can benefit from physiotherapy. Whether you are suffering from an injury, joint pain, neck or back pain, or looking to prevent injury, we can help. Here at New North Physiotherapy, we use a combination of tailored exercise programs and expert hands-on techniques, including: massage, trigger point therapy, joint manipulations, sports taping and stretching.


The aim of your initial Physiotherapy session is for you leave with an accurate diagnosis, a clear recovery timeline, effective treatment and immediate pain relief.


In order to achieve this, we must first complete a comprehensive assessment to identify the cause of the issue. Once the issue is identified and diagnosed correctly, we can commence hands on treatment to improve your pain and increase range of movement. Prior to leaving the session you will be provided with information regarding your injury prognosis (how long) and the treatment options available to you (cost). Following the session you will be provided with a home exercise program to begin cementing what was done in the session. 

At New North Physiotherapy, our intrinsic commitment to transparency means you will never pay for more sessions than necessary.